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Application Development

Bringing your ideas to the web...

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Script Customization
We take existing scripts, create a custom design... then we integrate!
Custom UI Development
Custom User Interface development for any type of e-Commerce site.
Web App Development
From iPhone Apps, to custom game programming... We do it all!

Do you need design and programming for your custom application?

We build all types of applications using the latest programming advancements.

CUSTOM WEB APPS - It's a THREE step Process

STEP ONE - Determining EXACTLY what you need

An extremely important part of creating a great website is an UNDERSTANDING of exactly what the PURPOSE of the website is. This must be relayed from the originator of the site to both the designer and programmer. Designers MUST have a good knowledge of programming skills and capabilities in order to properly design your web application. If you want an advanced level website built from scratch, you must take the time to provide the attention to this detail from the start, or the project will not be a sucess.

STEP TWO - Designing your web application

Design is about both functionality of current programming capabilities, combined with the marketing skill to effectively relay your concepts over a digital media. Art and skill come into play when designing a custom website for our customers. We promise you will be happy with our designers skills, and offer multiple design concepts until we get it right! All designs are approved by our customers before heading off to the programming department.

STEP THREE - Getting your web app done! It's all about the programming

Programming can be considered mundane by some, but our programmers know exactly the task they are taking on before even starting. We have found this to be an essential part of making everyone lives easier! Our programmers are kept up-to-date on programming advancements and know well how to take a project to completion in the quickest most effective programming language. This is where the rubber meets the road, and once your design is forwarded to our programmers, it won't be long before you have your advanced custom web application up and running.

Custom Design Service
We design pages starting at just $29.95 per page. You approve it and then we code it!
Custom HTML Programming
HTML programming of custom pages, complete with CSS files for your site.
Advanced Programming
We also do .php programming and database programming for advanced sites.
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