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Purchasing a Domain Name

Does it matter who to register a domain name with?

There are many services that offer domain name registration , including ProviderSpider.

The overwhelming leader in volume of domains registered is with nearly a 33% market share.  The other leaders are Tucows, Enom and Network Solutions – each with under 10%.   The fact is pretty much all companies charge about the same for this service and it is done completely automated by computers over the internet.

ALL companies that provide domain registration have fees associated with your purchase, in order to register your chosen domain name with an international clearing house.  There is only one clearing house for domain names, ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  This was established in 1998 and its sole purpose is to keeps track of all domain names purchased and who owns them internationally.  This way no one can “steal” someonelse’s domain name.  Before 1999, Network Solutions was the “clearing house” and had a total monopoly on domain registrations.

Some have called domain names “real estate on the web.” In fact the secondary market of buying and selling of domain names that are already registered with ICANN has become an $100 million dollar industry in itself.  If you own a domain name, someone can find you on the internet and learn about what you are offering.  A unique domain name is a must for anyone engaged in business.

Start a Domain Search

How do you choose who to register a domain name with?  Does it really matter?

You may be able to save $1 or $2 a year on your domain name registration by shopping around and going with a company that does millions of registrations a year.  However, if you are new to server management or your level of experience with website design is at a minimum, then this could be a factor factor in making a good decision on who to register with.

The reasoning is this:  Once you have registered with a company they will immediately begin the process of “upselling” you to handle your hosting and design needs.  This is where it can get tricky for a newbie.

Some of the biggest registrars run completely on automated hosting and design services.   You are sold seemingly exactly what you need for a low price.   But, its not what you need, because you don’t know what you’re doing.  And this process in itself might be expensive to figure out.  It’s never fun being upsold from one thing to the next, really it’s just a prescription for a headache!

Bottom line is that if you have done your research and selected a company for their customization services, it might be a good idea to register your domain name with them directly.  If you’d rather not, then most hosting companies that offer good customer service will walk you through the process of transferring the name servers on the registrars site and you’ll be up and running with your new hosting provider in no time.

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