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WordPress Website Hosting – The Easiest way to Start a Blog™ is a operated and owned by Provider

Our purpose in creating this site was to provide an affordable option for anyone to start their own blog or website.  It has since evolved into the easiest a full service option available on the web today.  While there are a lot of companies providing WordPress hosting, none are offering the level of service we render at such a low price.

Depending on your experience with computers and web programming, operating a WordPress blog can look like a difficult thing to do.  WordPress websites are factually the most popular and easiest websites to operate, even for people who “have a bit of a learning curve.”    But, just like anything else, you can learn how to use WordPress to accomplish your goals.  We promise to fulfill our purpose of helping you start a blog or website at the absolute minimum cost, in the simplest manner possible.

There are a couple of things that you need to know in order to get started.

You can set up a WordPress blog at FREE.

There are pros and cons to this.  The pro is that its FREE and you don’t have to pay a dime for yearly domain registration and hosting.  The cons are that you have to use a sub-domain of  This can make driving traffic to your site through the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…) a little bit more difficult.   It also does not give you the advantage of having a recognizable web address, which in itself can become an asset in your branding and marketing.

There are costs associated with having a WordPress website with your own domain name.

Most people want their own domain name, but there are costs to making this choice.  If you are setting up a website for a business, its a MUST that you purchase your own domain name and start branding your company.  By actual survey, your prospective clientele are just not going to take you seriously if you are operating your business website through a sub-domain of some other company.

In the next articles you will discover more information on the estimated costs associated with all the steps necessary to creating your website with a unique domain name.

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